Democrat Candidates Handwriting Evaluated

With the Democratic debate in Las Vegas on Tuesday night behind us, I thought a graphoanalyst  evaluation might be of interest. 
The signature alone does not give the whole picture of the writer but his/her public image they wish to project: it may be stylized or embellished or it may appear exaggerated in form. If the signature does not differ in size from one’s writing, and the writer acts similar most of the time, what you see is what you get. This is addressed in my book: Handwriting Analysis: Discover Your Own Vocational/Career Potential  in Chapter 2: Frequently Asked Questions. With that said, I have gleaned a few outstanding observations from each candidate’s signature. 


The first thing that caught my eye looking at Hillary Clinton’s signature, is her letters are not all connected showing Intuition which aids any kind of thinking, plus helps solve and gives insight as to the nature of the problem and where answers may lie. She has great determination, plus good clarity of thought that a person running for president needs. Her first name is larger then her last name Clinton, showing she wants to stand on her own not her married name. Also, she shows strong self-esteem, directness, care in regards to detail and initiative.

Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders, Senator of Vermont, a self-described democratic socialist, shows strong feelings and determination. His first name in his signature is illegible, a desire for privacy but his family name is legible denoting great respect for his tradition and pride in the family name. His capitals are large lending the support of honest self-esteem. He is a person who approaches his projects with a belief in his ability to carry them out successfully. He acts in a dignified manner based on his particular standards and principles but is not always flexible in opinions of others which could be a drawback in his campaign.

Bernie Sanders

Jim Webb, former Senator from Virginia, signature show modesty, poise and willingness to tolerate the ideas of others, plus persistent in his believes. His feelings run deep but he is objective not impulsive. 

Jim Webb

Lincoln Chafee, former Rhode Island  Governor, signature appears illegible, denoting someone that has had to sign many documents or desires personal privacy. He will tolerate all kinds of beliefs, and approach with an attitude anything goes. His thinking pattern shows he may take his time about solving problems even though he has ability to assemble and arrange ideas and events. His spacing in his signature gobbles up space shows he has the potential to be extravagant. 

Lincoln Chafee

Martin O’Malley, former Maryland Governor, signature shows fluidity, a talent for using words but he adds conflicting individual forms to his writing. He has strong ambition but may have to much on his plate to carry them out. He is motivated and imaginative but self-conscious, showing a need for approval. Like many people, he feels emotional arousal if his ideas are not taken into consideration. He can be very charming and inspiring.

Martin Omalley

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