The Fabula…Organic Pencil … see their deep connection to handwriting in harmony with nature…

It took 2 years for Mateja Kuhar to develop Fabula as a product, after she came to an idea to try making a pencil from the recycled organic waste. Following her grandmother’s example, she has always fed plants with dregs of her tea and coffee cups. They have always had a good effect. On the other side, she and her friends are still loyal users of pencils when writing and drawing. It was after she noticed how much organic material was being binned by local coffee shops and flower shops – that she connected shaped the idea of Fabula. She never thought to replace it with digital devices.

For Mateja, Fabula is – the whole of its life – an object-lesson in how to create responsibly by renewing our surroundings. Check their website:

Fabula – 100% organic pencil needs your support!

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