Author Completes Chapter 9 of His New Book: Handwriting Analysis: BULLYING -Dangerous Signs & Effects -June 9, 2016

Certified Graphoanalyst and Author: Shares an excerpt from Chpt# 9 of his new book that is still in progress:  Handwriting Analysis: BULLYING – Dangerous Signs & Effects…………



In the last three Chapters, we discussed emotional signs, moodiness (roller coaster writing) and how we think. Next we will explore the various personality traits that are assigned to individual writing strokes. This will help you observe the stroke structures as you complete the worksheets in the following Chapter should signs of abuse present it self in a handwriting sample.

First we will discuss the writing areas as we explore the various personality traits. The way the strokes are written conveys information about the personality of the writer. Also, the area in which the stroke is written offers information about the writer.

There are three areas of writing that we will consider: the upper area, middle area and lower area. They each refer to a particular part of the personality. When the three areas are proportionate, with similar sizes, the personality has inner harmony, stability and equilibrium. This is best shown in the  diagram below:

Abstract Area:  


Mundane Area:


Material Area:  




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