Graphologist David DeWitt to speak at WUMC … May 21, 2017

WATERTOWN — David DeWitt, of Roxbury, CT, a professional board certified graphologist, will speak at the Watertown United Methodist Church on Sunday, May 21 at 2 p.m.  Using display boards to show different sizes, slants and other styles used by people in writing, Mr DeWitt will explain how individual strokes of handwriting reveal the character and personality of the writer.

The subject of various forms of handwriting has interested psychologists for many years, and handwriting is considered a mirror of yourself and a product of your mental capacity, reveling more about you than you may think.

 The United Methodist Women are offering this program on handwriting as an outreach program to the community and no reservations are required.

The church is located at 305 Main St., Watertown, at the intersection of Routes 6 and 63. The entrance is in the rear, right off the parking area, and is handicap accessible. Additional Info…contact Bernice Proe,  (phone 860-274-8641)


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