Author/Graphoanalyst David J. DeWitt and Graphoanalyst Patricia Senich discuss his 2 Books on NHTV August 17, 2017




Certified Graphoanalysts, David J. DeWitt and Patricia Senich were guests on NHTV, 127 Washington Ave., North Haven, CT hosted by Bill Dillane. David and Pat, explained to the TV audience the importance of his (2) books on handwriting analysis and their important’s  in todays society.

David is a professional Graphologist and a certified Graphoanalyst who shows how you can grasp the fundamental rules of handwriting analysis and find out about yourself and others. Since, his early years in the US Army, he has been lecturing publicly on handwriting analysis to organizations, clubs, schools and colleges.

His first book, Handwriting Analysis: Discover Your Own Vocational/Career Potential”, represents more than eight years of research including talks on discovering your vocational potential by applying handwriting analysis to high school and college students across New England.

His recent book, BULLYING: Applying Handwriting Analysis to Detect Potential Danger Signs and Effects”, puts forth a timely hypothesis that carries great import for contemporary American society. He methodically exposes the reader to the links between handwriting and possible aggressive and dishonest behavior. This book is not just for parents…we are all involved in the battle against bullying.

Patricia became a Certified Graphoanalyst in 1966. Over the past five decades, she has taught hundreds of classes, given countless talks, and written innumerable analyses. In 2016 she was named as 2016 Graphoanalyst of the Year by IGAS (the International Graphoanalysis Society). Pat joins David so that together they can help the world know how vital this science of handwriting analysis is to our young people.

For further information about this NHTV program, contact Bill Dillane at: 203-234-0025 or email: or at:


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