BULLYING -Applying Handwriting Analysis to Detect Potential Danger Signs and Effects

A How-To Guide to Identifying Possible Signs of Bullying Behavior

David DeWitt has done it once more! In his latest book, “Bullying…Applying Handwriting Analysis to Detect Potential Signs and Effects”, David DeWitt puts forth a timely hypothesis that carries great import for contemporary American society.

As a certified Graphoanalyst, David DeWitt has spent a lifetime studying the link between human behavior and handwriting. This field of endeavor is referred to as Graphology and is a science unto itself. I have personally witnessed this man as he applied his extensive knowledge to analyzing the handwriting of interested volunteers …and the results of his findings were incredibly accurate! The individuals involved were, to a person, amazed by the insights that he garnered based upon their handwriting samples.

Above all, David DeWitt is a humanist of the highest caliber and his altruism has inspired him to deploy his unique skill set for the betterment of mankind. On October 7, 2003, young Ryan Halligan’s life ended as a result of recurrent bullying by his peers. John Halligan, Ryan’s father, has since made it his mission to speak out publicly against bullying and to alert people to its many and varied warning signs. Having met Mr. Halligan personally, David DeWitt was touched by Ryan’s tragedy and was compelled to marshal his graphoanalytic talents in the war against bullying.

In his newest work, “Bullying…Applying Handwriting Analysis to Detect Potential Signs and Effects”, David DeWitt methodically exposes the reader to the links between handwriting and possible aggressive and dishonest behavior. This book is not just for parents …we are all involved in the battle against bullying.

“I endorse David DeWitt in his literary efforts and highly recommend this book to you. Simply stated, this is a must read.”

—John De Mado, John De Mado Language Seminars, LLC Author/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, McGraw-Hill, Pearson


 “Handwriting analysis in the United States has gone from being considered entertainment to being accepted as a professional tool… DeWitt, a professional graphology analyst clearly shows the reader how our emotional responses are reflected by what and how we write. In this book on bullying, he illustrates through many samples taken from life to show how the bully at school or elsewhere reveals his or her nature from the way they present themselves with their pressure and slant of handwriting… So, parents or those who supervise youngsters or others who may be experiencing problems where they spend their day can now refer to this book. Here they will read how they can help ease such matters just by taking a longer look at their handwriting.”

 -Peter West, Graphologist, author of 33 books, retired Senior Prosecutor/Investigator …United Kingdom


 “As one of your former handwriting analysis students, I am delighted that you have written a second book devoted to applying graphology principles to the subject of bullying. Bullying has become a serious national problem with dangerous consequences that has received wide attention on both state and federal levels. Your easy approach– which applies graphology principles to predicting bullying behavior—provides an additional tool to address this anti-social behavior and help ease the fear, stress and anxiety associated with bullying. Thank you for this valuable guide designed to help predict this behavior.”

-Attorney Carolyn K. Querijero, B.A., J.D…Woodbury, CT


“A person’s handwriting can unlock unspoken signs of anger or fear in a student. David J. DeWitt offers well-respected decoding tools for parents and school administrators: handwriting analysis.”

 -Carol Keeney, Teacher and author of: ‘Brand New Teacher, How to Guide and Teach the Early Grades Using Scripts,’ Copyrighted 2006…Monroe, CT


“Landmarked author David J. DeWitt introduced a practical application of handwriting analysis in his book ‘Handwriting Analysis: Discover Your Own Vocational/Career Potential.’ Now, in his new book ‘BULLYING …Applying Handwriting Analysis to Detect Potential Danger Signs and Effects,’ DeWitt applies his expertise to the emerging science of behavioral analysis and prediction. We often hear about unanticipated and unpredictable human behavior that lead to serious or criminal acts of violence. Psychologists and sociologists seek ways of intervention through their respective analysis and treatments. Mr. DeWitt finds such behavioral patterns evident in handwriting and so provides additional insights and a screening tool for behavior prediction to complement traditional approaches. This is a must-read for anyone wishing to understand the inner mind and signals of malicious behavior.”

 -Cameron Gardella, Engineer….Cape Cod, MA


“Bullying is well-organized and well-done. Your gentle writer has been reading about the topic of handwriting analysis for many years. Hence, we were already intrigued.

We would think that information of this type would be difficult to convey via the printed word. However, Bullying provides a nice array of the topic, with emphasis on the bully. This could prove to be helpful information if your offspring have made new friends or, if you are going to work for a new company or supervisor.

Handwriting analysis is a solid method of decryption and an art form. It can also be surprising when you happen upon handwriting which, is similar to your own. Ugh!”

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